Best Ulu Knife

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Best Ulu Knife
There are many kinds of Knives around the World. Like- Chef Knife, Paring Knife, Cleaver Knife and here Ulu Knife is one of them. If you’re never used to or heard of an Ulu knife, you are must be surprised after using ulu knives. Because, The Best Ulu Knife is very talented knife that was formally used in the area of other kinds of knives for regular cutting of meat, fruits, pizza, vegetables etc. So don’t be late, just scroll down and let’s learn which ulu knife is useful for you.

What is an Ulu Knife?

An Ulu is a kitchen tool used in the modern kitchen but was originally used by the Indigenous people of Alaska. The current tool is used mainly for kitchen work. Traditionally the tool was used by the women in Alaska to carry out multiple functions, including cutting hair, skinning and cleaning animals, and cutting snow, among others. Regardless of the kind of job they wanted to do, the Ulu Knife was a very indispensable tool that could do almost anything. The knife was made from different materials, and as it was handy those days and is still a handy tool in the kitchen today. The best Ulu knife today is used to execute several activities in the kitchen, making it still indispensable even today.
Although these days there is a lot of innovative work used to create the current Ulu knives, in the past, most of the Ulu knives were created using caribou antler, muskox, or walrus ivory. However, although these knives’ materials have slightly changed, they are still as functional in the kitchen today as they were those days.

Find Your Best Ulu Knife

You waiting time is over. Here you can choose your sweetable ulu for your daily use with detail description as well.

Alaskan Ulu, Legendary Knife of the Arctic

The Ulu knives as an Alaska cutlery can also be referred to as the Alaskan knives because they originated in Alaska and are also called Alaskan knife ulu. These knives have a unique design that is not common with other knives, which makes them capable of executing several functions in the modern kitchen. The knives are made using materials that do not rust to make sure they are stain-free and rust-free. The way the knives are designed is that you can use them for almost anything without struggling to use them. They are user-friendly and very unique, and therefore, you should not be confused by design.
There is handy any work in the kitchen that this Ulu knife cannot do, and it is also easy to use and sharpen. They are referred to as legendary knives because they were in use even before civilization.


  • The knives have a very well-structured design which is made to make them attractive.
  • They are rust and stain-resistant.
  • The handle is designed in a way that makes them easy to use
  • It comes with a holder to make it easy to store after use
  • You should not use this type of knife when it is blunt because sharpening it is straightforward and needs no skill


  • It would be best if you stored it dry, and therefore you have to wipe it dry after use.
  • Sometimes the handle may come out, making it hard to use the knife.

Alaska Ulu Knife Set- Curved Knife with Wood Handle & Chopping Bowl

This kind of knife is very useful in the kitchen today as it comes with a set of chopping boards and a bowl to put the cuttings making it a very handy tool. You can use the board to chop anything of your choice, including vegetables, or use it to prepare a salad. The product is a perfect copy of the initial tool as it is made from Alaska with the original design in mind. One notable thing with this knife is that it is made with a stainless blade to make you enjoy its quality services for a prolonged time. Both the chopping bowl and the chopping tool should be washed using hands as using a washing machine may not be wise. The knife has a standard size blade to make sure you are comfortable using it for almost anything you prepare in the kitchen.


  • This knife is known for remaining sharp for a long time, thus reducing the need for sharpening now and then.
  • When you are using this knife, you have no fear of getting rust as it is has a stainless blade that is not easy to oxidize.
  • The knife comes with a chopping bowl and a stand to have an easy time chopping or to slice your food and store it with ease when not in use.


  • The set comes together with a chopping bowl but a very then one that also retains a lot of cuts after using it.
  • Another thing to note is that the bowl is also very shallow, meaning that it cannot hold a lot of foodstuffs as you prepare, and therefore, it will only serve you well when you are preparing small portions.
  • You have to make sure you dry the knife with its chopping bowl after use; otherwise, it will rust if you leave it wet.

Ulu Factory Ulu Bowl set Birch Handle AK Cutlery

This kind of knife is one of the best kitchen knives you can have as it is very functional, and you can even use it alone in the kitchen and still achieve your cooking goals. It is easy to use, and it comes with a big and functional bowl that enables you to cut as many food pieces of stuff as you want. Its wooden handle makes it easy to use because it feels comfortable on the hand, and with the Alaskan logo, you cannot make a mistake when purchasing it.
When you buy this knife, your cooking will be interesting because you have a very practical knife that makes things easy. This very different knife is also a very high-quality one that will serve you for a long time. So if you are looking for a high-quality and durable knife, this is the best one for you.


  • The knife is very versatile and easy to use as you can easily sharpen it with anything sharpening tool you have
  • It is made of materials that are resistant to both rust and corrosion


  • Sometimes the handle can come off, making it very hard to use
  • The handle may become loose with time and make the knife hard to use when it begins to feel flimsy when using it.

Lamson Ulu Knife, Walnut Handle, 6.25 Inches

Lamson Ulu knife is a very prevalent knife among the Ulu knives because it can carry out many functions in the kitchen. It is one of the best Ulu knives that you can buy because whether you are looking for a chopping tool or one that can help you in cutting, this knife can be that and much more. Even when working on very hard substances like bones, this knife will help you achieve almost any form of cuttings in your kitchen. The blade is attached to the handle using a very high-quality brass, which gives you a very high-quality cooking tool. The way the knife is created is made to give you a very high-quality cutting tool that you can be proud of having in your modern kitchen.


  • Lamson Ulu knife is a multipurpose tool that performs multiple functions in the kitchen.
  • If you are looking for a more affordable and functional cutting tool, this knife is for you.
  • The materials that make this knife are long-lasting, making it one of the very durable knives you can have.
  • The knife remains sharp for a long time, and therefore, you will not bother about sharpening it often.
  • The way the tool is created makes it very easy to use.


  • The handle is created to become very rough after using, making it necessary to sand after using it for some time.

Arctic Circle Ulu w/Rustic Bear 18350

Arctic Circle Ulu w/Rustic bear 18350 is one of the most popular knives in the market, and it has been in use for a very long time. The best thing about it is that it does not need any modification, and it is created in a way that makes it rock back and forth when you are using it. The materials that make this knife are heavy, thus making it heavy and it to cut because it causes a double downward weight when you press to cut compared to many others. It is also made in a way to make even those with small hands comfortable when using it. If you are one of those who embrace vintage, this is the best kitchen knife you can find in the market that gives you that vintage feel.


  • Easy to use and can even be used easily by those who have complications that make it hard for them to use both hands
  • It is high quality and very long-serving knife.
  • It is capable of chopping or cutting almost anything


  • If you are looking for original Ulu knives made in Alaska, it is good to know that not all Arctic Circle Ulu w/Rustic Bear 18350. That requires you to be careful when making your choice to be sure you get the kind of tool you want.

Amco Stainless Steel Mezzaluna with Silicone Handle

If you are looking for a knife that will not stain, then this mezzanine tool is created using stainless steel, which guarantees that your knife will not disappoint you. It also has a very firm and easy to hold handle that makes it hard to slip when using it. The only thing you may note is that the plastic bag that comes with it is not durable enough to store your knife for a long time. That means with time; you will have to look for another storage bag.
However, one good thing about this product is that it is very easy to sharpen as it can be sharpened with any sharpening tool that you have. And since it is a no-slip tool, it gives you an easy time when using it. Therefore, if you desire to have a chopping tool that will serve you for a long and is comfortable to use, then Amco Stainless Steel Messalina Knife is the best tool for you.


  • It is mainly for cutting herbs, and you can cut huge amounts of herbs with this tool.
  • It comes with a large container to ensure no scattering of whatever you are cutting in the rest of the kitchen.
  • Its stainless blade makes it user-friendly as you can be sure it will not give worries when it comes to staining or rusting.
  • It is one of the best tools for Chopping, Dicing, and Mincing.
  • It has a handle that allows you a very firm grip making the knife easy to use and for multiple functions.
  • You can wash it with a dishwasher without worries, but if you can hand wash it, the better.


  • It has two handles and therefore is best used by those who can use both hands.
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What to Consider to Choose the Best Ulu Knife

If you wonder which one is the best U knife for you and how you will know it, here is a guide to help you make the right decision about your perfect Ulu knife. When you are choosing an Ulu knife, you should consider the following:


The best Ulu knife is the one that has a fixed blade, is durable, dependable, and easy to use. A folding knife is very important to you because it is solid and safe to carry. Most Ulu knives can lock one to ensure safety. Also, it would be best to look at the features in your knife to know whether those features support what you want to do with the knife.

The Use

What you are going to do with the product you choose determines what you will choose. Of you are going to be cutting bones. For example, you should consider a knife that can cut hard things. On the other hand, if you are using your skinning tool, you need a gut hook. For anyone who is looking for a knife to use over a long time, then an ergonomic design will help. That is because it is not only comfortable to use, but it will not strain the wrist, and therefore, you can use it for a long time without the fear of straining your hand.


You want to be sure your knife is made from reliable materials to get a prolonged service. For example, you do not have to worry about your knife rusting or developing some corrosion with stainless steel. You also want to be sure that you choose a blade made with reliable materials that will also not need sharpening all the time and if they need at least designed in a way that makes the knife easy to sharpen.

Safety Features

Your best knife is the one that has safety features, especially if you are going to be moving with it and using it for outdoor activities. For example, some of the best Ulu knives have an open and close mechanism and have a larger blade guard to ensure safety. Specially Note That, Need your knife always sharpening for your better uses. For Sharpening your Knife, you can use Honing Rod or Electric Knife Sharpener.

Another Option to Chose-

If you think, previous option is not enough for your deily need. Bellow option is for your. Here you can find the best ulu knife.

The Difference between the Ulu Knife and Mezzaluna Knife

Although Ulu knife may resemble a Mezzaluna one, there are some distinct differences that you need to note if you are considering buying any of them. One of the main differences is that the mezzaluna has two handles while the Ulu has only one perpendicular handle. That makes it distinct even in the way it is used. After all, it does not favor the people who cannot use both hands because it has two handles.
Also, the mezzaluna can have either one or two blades placed parallel to one another, and it is mainly used to chop herbs. On the other hand, the Ulu knife has only one blade, and it has multiple functions. For example, while using the mezzaluna, you also need a large bowl to capture the herbs and stop them from spreading all over your cooking space.


The Best Ulu knife is a tool that shouldn’t miss in your kitchen, and even though there are so many Ulu knives in the market, it is possible to find one that meets your specific needs. So make your order today and enjoy all the benefits that come with using these amazing kitchen tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the Ulu blades made of?

Ans: In the old days, the Indigenous Alaska people used slate and, with the continuous invention and technology, slate is now giving way to other materials. These days the Ulu blade is manufactured with silicon dioxide. Once in a while, the Alaskan designers would also use iron blades but only on rare occasions.

Q: For the knives that come with a bowl, must I use the bowl, or can I use something different?

Ans: Since the bowl is designed to use when you are cutting slicing your staff using the Ulu knife, it is better to use it when preparing your meals. However, though it will provide a level of convenience, it is not a must to use it for you can substitute with anything else that you want to use.

Q: Can You Order Customized items?

Ans: It is possible to order personalized Ulu knives. If your knives are from the companies that hand makes them or any other company capable of customizing your products, they will design something that meets your needs.

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